Small village both rural and maritime

Apùlia beach is known today mainly as a bathing area. recognizable by its windmills along the beach, it attracts many local tourists (Porto, Braga) and more and more foreigners.

However, its good natural conditions have also allowed the development of agriculture, which is why we can consider that there are two Apulia: that of the beach and that of agriculture.

Welcome to our family home

Daughter of a family that worked in agriculture, the family home in which we welcome you is located inland, 3 km from the beach of Apulia.

Rural environment, the setting that we offer is calm and allows you to take a break, far from the confusion that can be encountered at peak times on the beach side.

You will be accommodated in the annex built at the same time as the main house (end of the 90s) and in which there are two apartments, a massage room and a jacuzzi.

We launched the Bellaë brand in 2014… at first it was just a modest beauty and massage institute located in a suburban district in the west of Paris.

And things evolved very quickly to the point of wanting to settle in Portugal and exploit a family heritage with ideal characteristics for holidays in this beautiful region of Minho (North of Portugal).

We then decided to continue the Bellaë adventure in Portugal by adding an additional ingredient to the massage services: the sun and the exotic setting!

We look forward to welcoming you to Bellaë Holiday and providing you with an unforgettable experience!

Sandra & Didier

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