A ancestral ritual which is transmitted from woman to woman and from heart to heart

This ritual of passage is intended to accompany the woman in all periods of transition in her life (puberty, marriage, menopause, bereavement, separation, postpartum, moving, professional retraining…), or to try to free yourself from certain wounds of the past.

The Ritual treatment therefore closes one stage of life in order to leave the opening for another.

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Two soul mates to pass on this ritual

It was in Porto that these two sisters met at a café. Sandra as an intuitive and energetic masseuse, and Eva as a physiotherapist masseur, share the same values and the same dedication to others.

Eva hears about the Rebozo ritual during her second pregnancy and wishes to receive it but her family's move to Asia does not allow it.

Upon meeting Sandra, she tells her about this ritual which very quickly resonates with her, sensitive to its physical, spiritual and emotional dimension.

The two accomplices then decide to train together. Immersion in this transmission is a revelation of their symbiosis as a pair.

Since then, they have carried out this ancestral ritual together with respect, kindness and love and accompanied women from all walks of life.

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